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"Yet, look across the congregations of these churches and you see
these aren't bad people. They are neither a minority nor a cult in this
nation, given their millions, and are simply what the ordinary
Americans are today---working class people whose interior lives
were clobbered by the Twentieth Century. "

I would hope I'm not alone in being a little bit more than tired of these down home stories about
"basically good folk" with basically barbaric social/political affinities.  One more rendition of who
lost Kansas? is too much.   Kansas?   Hey, remember Brown v. Board of Education?  That board of
education was Topeka, Kansas, so spare me the homilies about the decent hard-working heartland

Let's be clear what we're dealing with here-- a social force of the atomized petty bourgeoisie, panicked
first, last, and above all by the emergence of the black liberation struggle after WW2, stampeded by
the slow growth, economic contractions, decline of small property stability after 1973.

Enough of this ambivanlent affection for the heirs to the slaveholders' rebellion. 

Guess what? Joe's brother is the foot soldier of the enemy class.  



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Sunday in a red state

By Joe Bageant

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