[Marxism] Latest From Joe Bageant

Intense Red intnsred at socialismonline.us
Wed Mar 23 11:09:29 MST 2005

 > Guess what? Joe's brother is the foot soldier of the enemy class.

   I agree fully with rrubinelli's summary.  After all, you can always find 
*some* good in any person (insert the required Hitler example here).

   What I would disagree with is the characterization of Joe's brother being a 
"foot soldier".  No way.  A better description would be that he's an officer 
-- a leader -- and I would give him a rank higher than a mere lieutenant.

 In solidarity.

"The average American family today, with both parents working their butts off, 
is spending 75 percent of its disposable income on housing, food and 
transportation, compared with less than 50 percent of income back in 1960, 
when most families were supported by only one job.  (Explanation for this 
enigma: the national income is an average, but with the rich getting 
unprecedentedly richer and the poor poorer, you can quickly see where the 
missing income is going.)" -- Author Dave Lindorff

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