[Marxism] On Demand Staffing for Information Technology Projects

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 23 19:04:12 MST 2005

>Rent-A-Pro.com offers on demand staffing and service delivery for 
>information technology projects. It is convenient for small businesses as 
>well as individual developers to get temporary help, consulting service 
>and outsourcing service from independent contractors around the world 
>through our site.
>We provide functions for posting project requirements, bidding for 
>projects and rating between buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers are 
>protected from fraud by an escrow system and a dispute resolution system.

Amazing. I was encouraged to see a new subscriber from China only to 
discover that it is the same crapola I get 25 times a day in the form of 
straight out spam. It takes some initiative to actually subscribe to the 
list in order to send out such spam, but it certainly has little to do with 
Adam Smith. More like Monty Python. Poor Mao must be rolling over in his grave.

Louis Proyect
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