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>Camejo and Hawkins are both very active and are participating in GDI.
>Jason Jones
>In a message dated 3/22/2005 7:38:40 PM Central Standard Time, 
>mjunaidalam at msalam.net writes:
>What exactly are Peter Camejo and Ralph Nader and those around them
>doing politically now in terms of the GP? Is Nader himself involved in
>galvanizing a pole in the GP? Is Camejo? Howie Hawkins? It would be most
>discouraging, not to mention bizarre, if it just turned out that these
>folks made a sort of last hurrah or just showed up every 4 years
>suddenly - but I have seen and heard of nothing on this front other than
>some statistical reports showing how the GP is crumbling to pieces.

Just to add to what Jason Jones said and to reassure Junaid Alam, there is
also a lot energy now going into the Green Alliance, whose purpose is to
build a national network of Green Party clubs working for party democracy,
political independence, and anti-capitalism/economic democracy.

As for Nader, he supports the Greens that will work with him. Next month he
will be speaking at Green Party organizing conferences with issue and skill
workshops in Syracuse and Albany, NY as part of his anti-war speaking tour.
He concludes that weekend debating some lesser evil strategists at the Left
Forum in NYC. 

One of the yet untold stories of the post-2000 Green Party is how the
national leaders who would congeal around Cobb as the safe states candidate
pushed Nader away from the party in 2000-2002 because they felt he had
given them the spoiler label. They feared the wrath of their progressive
Democrat peers. 

Fortunately, that is a minority position in the ranks who have no problem
spoiling it for the Democrats when the whole 2-party charade is rotten.
Nader out-polled Cobb 5 to 1 in the election, the same ratio as vote
between Cobb and the pro-Nader candidates in the Green primaries and
conventions leading up to the national Green convention. 

The Green Party representation scheme, modelled after the Electoral College
like the corporate parties, is the problem, enabling delegates from
over-represented small party states to outvote the big parties -- CA and NY
alone account for over 1/2 of the registered Greens in the country and they
were overwhelmingly for Nader and independent politics in 2004. I belive
GDI is galvanizing the forces needed to democratize the Green Party so it
represents living, breathing Greens on the ground, not abstractions like
the Electoral College vote. 

Statements, meetings, and even a book in connection with all this are in
the works. Stay tuned, more details will be out soon.

-- Howie Hawkins, Syracuse NY

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