[Marxism] Jews or Blacks not needed for jury service

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Thu Mar 24 09:23:45 MST 2005

Ex-Prosecutor Testifies in Jury Probe, Admits Having Violated the Law
Warren Lutz, The Recorder, 03-24-2005

With his credibility on the line, a former prosecutor at the center of 
a death penalty probe began his testimony Tuesday smiling, confident 
and looking dapper. But by mid-afternoon, John "Jack" Quatman -- who 
said he colluded with now-deceased Alameda County Judge Stanley Golde 
to keep Jews off a capital punishment case -- was forced to admit he 
broke the law.

Nearly two years after his stunning declaration, Quatman -- who spent 
25 years in the Alameda County district attorney's office -- is finally 
filling in the blanks. He took the stand Tuesday in an evidentiary 
hearing ordered by the California Supreme Court in the appeal of death 
row inmate Fred Freeman, convicted of robbery and murder in 1987.
In his declaration, Quatman, now a defense attorney in Whitefish, 
Mont., said Golde told him he "could not have a Jew" on Freeman's jury 
and recalled that the DA's office had a "standard practice" of 
excluding Jews and black women from juries in death cases because it 
was thought that they would not vote for death.

Quatman said that Golde -- who while personally against the death 
penalty possibly sent more people to die than any other judge in the 
state's history -- was seen as a mentor to young attorneys.

[The judge hearing the case] allow[ed] the testimony of Stephen Thaman, 
a former public defender who represented Christopher Teddy Day, 
convicted in a capital punishment case in Golde's courtroom immediately 
preceding the Freeman case. Thaman testified Golde gave attorneys in 
the Day case five extra peremptory challenges as "freebies."

Quatman said he received "freebies" in the Freeman case, too, but 
declined to use them. It was then that he was called into Golde's 
chambers, he said, and admonished for not utilizing them.

"'Quatman, what are you doing?'" he recalled the judge saying before 
telling him a Jew would never send someone to the gas chamber.


This practice is not news to anyone on this list or perhaps to anyone 
on this list or not. The more interesting aspect of this is that 
although Judge Golde was "personally" against the death penalty he 
"possibly sent more people to die than any other judge in the state's 

A little like Democratic Party politicians who are personally against 
the Iraq War (fill in the blank for other wars or political actions), 
yet rationalize their actions as necessary to hold onto their 
position--like this deceased judge in conservative Orange County, 
California--for the greater long-range good which is inextricably mixed 
with their own personal good.

from Brian Shannon

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