[Marxism] Jews or Blacks not needed for jury service

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One correction, the deceased judge was from Alameda County, not Orange County. - which gives the scandal all the more bite, since Alameda County is a one party state in which the government is staffed with nominally 'progressive' democrats, it is the kind of place where a judge can have a che portrait in his chambers and yet rule for the landlords -or the debt collectors or the prosecution that come before him.

More significantly, the can of worms that Quatman opened up may represent the opening to one of the most significant legal challenges to the death penalty  in recent years. Given that it challenges the very basis of how juries are chosen (the use of peremptory challenges by sides in a criminal or a civil case) and given the U.S. Supreme Court's holding that it must be a jury that imposes the death penalty, these cases will raises issues that will be difficult for the courts to resolve, The cases (virtually every capital murder conviction in Alameda County over a very extended period of time appears to be implicated and possibly other counties as well) will work there way through the appellate system for the next five years or so. Assuming there is a strong abolitionist movement, the resolution of the litigation set up by Quatman's declaration could provide the legal justification for the end of capital punishment in this country. Steve
> Quatman said that Golde -- who while personally against the death 
> penalty possibly sent more people to die than any other judge in the 
> state's history -- was seen as a mentor to young attorneys. 

> A little like Democratic Party politicians who are personally against 
> the Iraq War (fill in the blank for other wars or political actions), 
> yet rationalize their actions as necessary to hold onto their 
> position--like this deceased judge in conservative Orange County, 
> California--for the greater long-range good which is inextricably mixed 
> with their own personal good. 
> from Brian Shannon 
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