[Marxism] Green Politics: A Divergence into Muted Class Collaboration

Douglas MacDonald dmacdonald94591 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 24 11:03:50 MST 2005

The Green Party is an obstacle for the liberation of the working
class and is singularly the most dangerous and muted form of class
collaboration in existence within the United States today. The
Greens emerged as a non-socialist challenge to both Stalinism and
Capitalism in the late 1970's. However, their current formation
within the US serves only to modify the exploitation and alienation
of capitalism by championing a kinder and gentler, LOCALIZED
capitalism. The Nader-Camejo formation within the Greens is a fraud
that has never challenged the underpinnings of a market economy or
capitalism itself.

The platform of these "radical-greens" seeks simply to weaken the
political power of the corporations and hold them "accountable" to
the communities and workers. Such a policy is noble and would be a
just TRANSITIONAL demand. However, these two consummate liberal
politicians see localizing the economy and holding
corporations "accountable" as the end-game for the national
liberation of the "citizen". The term "citizen" is ubiquitously
understood to be a multi-class catch-all phrase generally promoted
by the two expressively capitalist parties.

The basis of the Nader-Camejo or anti-Cobb current is the profound
belief in a multi-class alliance geared towards making
capital "accountable" to local populations. Yes, the fuzziness
of "economic democracy" is bantered about outside the circles of
Medea Benjamin, but is never meant to be anything but the dialoging
of workers, local communities and owners of the means of production.
The working class has ZERO role in any of the analysis or short or
long-term planning of the green party. Workers are simply mixed in
with the rest of the citizenry. The a-historical anlysis and
collaborationism forthrightly expressed in Green Politics must be challenged at every turn and is prima-fascia anti-Marxist.

There is no room for any misunderstanding of the deeply reactionary
and elitist character of the Greens. Yes, I will march in anti-war
struggles, civil rights struggles and voter-rights struggles with
anyone whom I have a basic agreement on such an issue. Yet, when it
comes to advocating an electoral and political axis, I not only part
company but am emphatically anti-capitalist and anti-Green Party.

The environment will never be saved through a party that holds as
its highest critique a non-materialist analysis of power,
history and pollution. The good natured pressure tactics and
tantrums of a select few in local political jurisdictions or on a
convention floor can never replace the need for direct democratic
control and ownership of the means of production by the working
class and its allies. The Greens are a piss-poor example of what a
socialist should aspire to.

-Douglas MacDonald

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