[Marxism] Buying off the German people

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Thu Mar 24 11:18:14 MST 2005

Lou Pro:
While the life of an average middle-income apolitical person might be
impacted little by the imposition of fascism, for those who want to
challenge the status quo, there is a huge difference. I recommend the 1982
German film "The White Rose," which deals with a movement of liberal college
students against Nazism. Their resistance consisted exclusively of putting
up antifascist flyers in the dead of night. They were all rounded up and
executed. This is not how the USA operates obviously. In fact, I think the
real threat is a new round of McCarthyism rather than anything that looks
like Nazism. The political pressure mounted on academic leftists like Ward
Churchill or Joseph Massad comes in the form of loss of income rather than
midnight raids by an American version of the Gestapo. It is possible to
exercise supreme control through this mechanism as the 1950s demonstrates.

CB: Yes, not Nazism, fascism.  Italy was fascist, the first "officially"
fascist country,  without the level of repression of Germany.  McCarthyism
was a form of fascism, given it was combined with genocide against Black
people , Native Americans, and war on Korea. ( See _We Charge Genocide_
petition to UN from the early fifties. The liberal students, Goodman,
Schwarner and Cheney, were rounded up and murdered in the U.S.A. in the
1950's. Liberal students were shot to death at Kent State and Jackson State
in the 1960's. Of course, Black Panthers were assassinated by government
agents , too. Then there are the assassinations of King. Current research
may demonstrate govt. involvement in the assassination of Malcolm X. These
are fully fascist repressive tactics.

There is a tendency to equate "fascism" with "Nazism" in these discussions.
The full level of repression of Nazism need not be reached for there to be
fascism. We have to stop shying away from the word "fascism". A new species,
yes, but the same genus.

Genus: fascist
Species: Americanus

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