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>CB: The _same_ state that was imprisoning Communists, was responsible for
>the ongoing genocides.  As I said see _We Charge Genocide_. The fact that it
>was "not worse than usual" only means that it had been fascist for a longer
>time than that immediate circumstance. Doesn't mean it wasn't fascist.
>Fascist was usual in the U.S. with Jim Crow and Indian Reservations, going
>right back to the 1800's.
>"Par for the course" brutality was fascist level of brutality, in both wars.
>Surely, the Korean and Viet Nam wars were as bad or worse than the Italian
>wars on Ethopia. The latter is irrefutably fascist, no ?

Charles, the colonial governor-general of Algeria during the war of 
independence was Robert Lacoste, a Socialist. The French minister of 
interior at the time was Socialist Francois Mitterrand, who stated that 
"the only possible negotiation is war."

On February 9, 1956, the French government of socialist Guy Mollet 
introduced a bill giving the government "special powers" to act in Algeria. 
He asked for special powers "enabling it to take all exceptional measures 
in view of establishing order, protecting persons and property, and 
safeguarding the territory." In order to do this, it allowed for the 
call-up of reservists, the suspending of the guarantee of civil liberties 
in Algeria, and divided Algeria into three zones, in the third of which , 
"the forbidden zone," populations were put in settlement camps and placed 
under Army control.

The motion passed on March 12 by a vote of 455-76, with the French 
Communist Party voting for it. You can read CP leader Jacques Duclos's 
justification for the vote at:


Socialist parliamentarians voted to go to war in 1914. That war was far 
more brutal than any war since. Poison gas was used and millions of workers 
died in trench warfare. When German workers led by Rosa Luxemburg rose up 
against the architects of war, she was murdered by soldiers who got their 
marching orders from socialists.

So what do we make of these Socialists and Communists who voted for 
imperialist war? Were they Socialist Fascists? Communist Fascists?

I don't think so. Although the USA is far from the time when genuine 
fascists will mount a threat, it is crucial that we be able to distinguish 
the real thing. Labeling groups or individuals fascist because they act 
brutally is not a good idea. The capitalist system is brutal. This is 
doubly true when you are talking about a big capitalist power like the USA, 
England, France or Germany.

Louis Proyect
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