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Hi, can people on this list explain who these 3 Iraqi trade union leaders are: Abdullah Muhsin, Falah Alwan, and Hassan Juma Awad? I don't want the information for personal information, but for posting on lists and leafletting, Thanks, Stan Smith


          WHAT: Request for Proposals for Events - 
                           National Tour of Iraqi National Labor Leaders 
          WHEN:   May 6-22, 2005


US Labor Against the War is sponsoring a US tour by lraqi labor leaders from three of the most important labor organizations in Iraq.  This tour will provide the first opportunity for the labor movement, working people, the general public and the media in the US to hear directly from courageous Iraqi trade unionists who struggled for years under Hussein's repression and now have stepped forward to organize workers under the difficult circumstances of violence and occupation. 

The six-member delegation coming to the US will include Abdullah Muhsin, International Representative of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions; Falah Alwan, President, Federation of Workers' Council and Unions in Iraq and Hassan Juma'a Awad President of the Southern Oil Company Union in Basra.

The purpose of the tour is both to educate US trade unionists about the conditions faced by Iraqi workers and their struggles, and to build direct worker-to-worker, union-to-union solidarity and support for Iraqi trade unionists in their effort to build a progressive secular Iraq. 

How Can Your Organization Participate? 

We expect many requests from unions and other labor organizations that want the Iraqis to come to their union and community.  We will send the Iraqis to those locations that are able to provide the broadest exposure for them to state, local and national US union leaders and members, the general public and the media.  We are looking for Union conferences, national and regional meetings, Central Labor Council and State Federation events and other gatherings where they can speak.  In addition, special events cosponsored by coalitions of organizations can be organized for them as well. More than one event may be proposed in a community. Workplace visits might be of particular interest to the Iraqis. 

Event sponsors will be expected to raise funds to help make the visit possible.  We estimate this tour, involving as many as six Iraqi union officials, will cost about $50,000.  An advance contribution of at least $500 will be required from each community selected for a visit. 

Make a First Proposal
We are requesting first drafts of proposals for hosting the Iraqis. Think big ­ this is one of the best opportunities we will have to talk about the war in Iraq and the situation of the Iraqi people within the labor movement.  Written proposals should include information about the venue(s), audience (size and makeup), which unions and other organizations would/might participate/cosponsor, what dates you propose during the two week period when they are in the U.S. (suggest more than one option for greatest flexibility), what kind of financial contribution you expect to offer, what provisions will be made for housing, security, media promotion, and interpreters, and whether honoraria are possible. 

We recognize that these first proposals will by necessity be "concepts" that will not be fully developed and will change as we move forward in finalizing the tour, but we want to get an idea of who is interested in sponsoring events and what type of events you think you can put together. Feel free to contact your statewide or national union, your CLC or State Fed to get them involved. In addition to events before labor audiences, consider the possibility of a university or other appearance where an honorarium could help defray the expenses of the tour. 

Proposals will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. Send written proposals to info at uslaboragainstwar.org . For more information call: Thomas C. Bacon at 512-350-5571

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