[Marxism] Buying off the German people

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Am Fri, 25 Mar 2005 11:30:20 -0500 schrieb Carlos A. Rivera  
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>>  From the beginning to the end fascism meant "cannons instead  of  
>> butter" for the German working class.
> If this is true, do you care to explain how a nation that had at the  
> same time the largest Communist Party and the largest Social-Democratic  
> Party (back when that meant a true workers party), both of which had  
> sizeable armed structures, didn't survive even underground, save for a  
> few places, to oppose Hitler?

Actually the German working class was defeated in 1918/19, and not in  
1933. What followed from 1919 onwards was a decade of heroic struggles  
with little chance of success.

Given that background the idiocy of the leadership of SPD and KPD disarmed  
the working class additionally. It does not help when you have soldiers  
that might fight, but the officers either do not want to fight (SPD) or  
make considerable strategic and tactical errors (KPD). As a contemporary  
Trotsky has all that described.

> As a matter of fact, I have always taken this as a truism, that the  
> monstrousity of the III Reich was the platform of prosperity to the  
> average German.

Huh, what you are talking about? An ordinary German working class could  
just feed herself, if the father was employed. So due to the preparation  
for war there was full employment from 1937 onwards, thus no hunger like  
in the years from 28-34, but prosperity, no.

> The Volkswagen,

Do you know the history of Volkswagen? During fascism a few hundred  
prototypes were build, almost all the production was for the military, not  
for private consumption.

> the AutoBahn,

No cars, no need for autobahn. Mass automobilization started only in the  
sixties in Germany.

> the free resorts in the Alps, the high wages, the low taxes, even animal  
> rights laws!

Carlos, what kind of stuff have you been smoking? High wages during  
fascism? Real wages went down from 33 to 38. Smashing the workers movement  
meant to lower wages and rise profits in the first places. Thats what  
fascism is all about.

> the Hoeneckers you so much wanted to hang high from the Bunderstag,

You stupid idiot, what do you know about what I wanted todo with Honecker?  
Shut your mouth before telling anything about a country you dont know and  
only have your Disneyland image in your head.

> As a matter of fact, Dresden was too little, too late.

Yeah, "Bomber Harris, do it again".

Welcome to camp of the Anti-Germans. What they think of the working class  
I have already said. You seem to share their opinion.


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