[Marxism] Kyrgyz Capital: Otpor/Kmara/Pora-Bred Agents Get Their Comeuppance

davidquarter at sympatico.ca davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 25 12:11:54 MST 2005

 I'm not sure what the purpose is of you posting this article? Is it to show the "lemon" 
revolution in Kygzastan is NOT really another in a long list of U.S. supported coup 
d'etats in former soviet republics? I don't see how showing Akayez was  a patsy of 
the U.S. proves your point? So was, Shevardnadze, so was Tujman, and so was, 
supposedly, (your favourite victim) Milosevic for a time. And if you want to broaden 
matters, so was very much the Pakistinani Prime Minister, Sharif. And?
Event similar to those in Serbia, Georgia, and now happening in Krygyzstan have 
taken place in the last while all over the former Soviet republics or satelites. The 
same calls of "tainted elections" , "dicatatorship", and/or the need for "popular 
revolution" have been echoed throughout the countries of East Europe and the 
Cacausus, including, and more pertinently, Russia itself, to the applause of the 
western media and governments...That  some (even many) of ithe ntended targets 
of these coup attempts (accomplished) are or were American-friendly governments 
doesn't minimize the American role in these events, which is obvious to anyone, 
perhaps except for yourself; nor the intended goal: the encircling of Russia, the 
replacement of Putin with the individuals subservient to the oligarghs and hence 
Western capital...
Just becayse House slaves obediently follow the rules doesn't somehow make them 
indispensible to the master...

On 25 Mar 2005 at 10:51, Louis Proyect wrote:

> >They want a "lemon" revolution inspired by the Orange
> >Revolution in Ukraine and the Rose Revolution in
> >Georgia. Mr Akayev had promised on Tuesday not to use
> >force to end the crisis, which he sees as a
> >Western-funded plot to stir another revolution in the
> >former Soviet Union, but Keneshbek Dushebayev, the new
> >Interior Minister, said: "The law gives us every right
> >to take action, including using physical force,
> >special means and firearms.
> The Washington Post
> February 1, 1994, Tuesday, Final Edition
> Kyrgyzstan Votes for Reformer
> by Margaret Shapiro, Washington Post Foreign Service
> Political and economic reformers in the former Soviet Union got their first 
> boost in months when voters in a referendum in the Central Asian nation of 
> Kyrgyzstan gave nearly unanimous support Sunday to President Askar Akayev.
> Akayev, a former physicist, has been a favorite of Western governments and 
> lending agencies because of his determination to bring pluralistic 
> democracy and capitalism to the mountainous country on China's northwestern 
> fringe. President Clinton last year termed Akayev's Kyrgyzstan "a model" 
> for former Soviet republics.
> But like Russian President Boris Yeltsin and reform-minded leaders in other 
> ex-Soviet republics, Akayev, 49, has had to contend with a hostile 
> parliament dominated by ex-Communists who have bitterly criticized his 
> reforms. In an attempt to end the political conflict, Akayev -- who has 
> been president of Kyrgyzstan since just before the Soviet Union collapsed 
> in 1991 -- called a referendum asking voters whether they supported him or 
> agreed with critics' calls that he step down before his term ends in 1996.

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