[Marxism] Kyrgyz Capital: Otpor/Kmara/Pora-Bred Agents Get Their Comeuppance

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Mar 25 12:37:31 MST 2005

David wrote:

>  I'm not sure what the purpose is of you posting this article? Is it to 
> show the "lemon"
>revolution in Kygzastan is NOT really another in a long list of U.S. 
>supported coup
>d'etats in former soviet republics?

So what was this coup d'etat supposed to accomplish? The overthrow of a 
Milosevic type figure standing up to NATO and the IMF? When you put Otpor 
in the heading, one gathers that this is what you think although you seem 
to have the same proclivity as Yarker, Rozoff (and Pugliese for that 
matter) for crossposting stuff without any prefatory remarks. As should be 
obvious from the Washington Post article, this was not the case.

>  I don't see how showing Akayez was  a patsy of
>the U.S. proves your point? So was, Shevardnadze, so was Tujman, and so was,
>supposedly, (your favourite victim) Milosevic for a time.

I don't know what being a patsy means. I do, however, know that Milosevic 
got along with the USA when he showed signs of being for privatization. 
When the trade unions and the army dug in their heels against it, 
Milosevic--to his credit--backed off and eventually stood up to the USA. 
This has nothing to do with any of the post-Soviet governments, either in 
Ukraine or Krygyzstan.

>And if you want to broaden
>matters, so was very much the Pakistinani Prime Minister, Sharif. And?

I wasn't aware that the USA was trying to overthrow Sharif.

>Event similar to those in Serbia, Georgia, and now happening in Krygyzstan 
>taken place in the last while all over the former Soviet republics or 
>satelites. The
>same calls of "tainted elections" , "dicatatorship", and/or the need for 
>revolution" have been echoed throughout the countries of East Europe and the
>Cacausus, including, and more pertinently, Russia itself, to the applause 
>of the
>western media and governments...

I haven't paid a lot of attention to what's going on in Kyrgyzstan, but it 
appears that the protestors are from the poverty-stricken south. It also 
appears that the government was a kleptocracy that favored hangers-on of 
the ruling family. Corruption was rife. Just because the USA backs the 
protestors, it does not mean that we should automatically back the 
government. Otherwise, we would have supported Jakarta against the East 
Timorese, even though the USA originally backed Jakarta. Decisions have to 
be made through a concrete analysis of the alignment of class forces not 
through some kind of mechanical formula.

Louis Proyect
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