[Marxism] re:About Germany and America

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Fri Mar 25 12:47:03 MST 2005

[First, apologies to all for so frequently posting recently. It's just 
that I've been put on some steroids medication that has for once albeit 
temporarily placed my head above the depressing waters of a medical 
condition that often saps my energy, in a transitory step to another 
medicine that may work better for the long haul].

"I don't think there's ever *been* anything quite like the United States 
(except maybe apartheid South Africa or a couple of other places, like 
Rhodesia), but even there the analogies all break down."

Actually I think the most fitting analogy imaginable is Israel, on so 
many levels that it's truly remarkable, and I would not hesitate to call 
the present period the Israel-ization of America. But that's another 
issue for another time.

"How does one begin to describe something like that? This was not the 
most extreme expression of a social regime in crisis that lasted a few 
years. This was centuries. This was not the action of well-organized 
repressive forces of a regime that is historically anomalous. This is 
the development and expression of a culture."

And that right there is the crux of the matter. It is a most 
uncomfortable and unpleasant truth from the socialist standpoint, but it 
is immovable. The main thing is, the United States is a winner. It is 
victorious. It wiped out the Indians. It crushed the Blacks. It 
destroyed Latin American revolutions. It smashed Vietnam. The enemies 
and challengers were not just defeated, they were totally annihilated. 
Anytime I get through the first 75 pages of any Chomsky book, I get this 
soul-sinking feeling, like so many possibilities were crippled or 
snuffed out by American-directed violence. But nothing was more 
depressing than reading Pilger's old eye-witness account of the '75 
withdrawal from Saigon. It was like reading the description of exit from 
a mass rape scene.

And the problem with all this rape is that the rapist has never been 
held accountable. Hitlerism was at least defeated. Germany had to reckon 
with defeat. Americanism just goes on and on and on...there was no real 
national reckoning for Vietnam, for instance. Not even an official 
apology. We are 30 years later involved in another war led by 
Vietnam-era officers who obviously have learned nothing in moral terms 
from that conflict, and is supported by a base of white fundamentalist 
reactionaries who couldn't give a damn how many people are murdered - 
the more the merrier, really. But oh, save the vegetable woman on 
permanent life support.

Baran again, and the quote that presently guides all my thinking: "The 
limits cure to the cure of man's soul are set by the illness of the 
society in which he lives."

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