[Marxism] Discrediting the ABB and Pro-Dem Leadership of the movement

Victor Rosado skygoya at optonline.net
Fri Mar 25 13:48:33 MST 2005

I think M. Junaid Alam and the other comrade from the ISO piece's are excellent... but what is new?  People from their perspective have been discrediting the Dems for decades but when push comes to shove, the ABBers and Pro-Dems dominate the leadership and strategy-making of our movement (both antiwar and anti-cap).  Often at conferences and rallies (even ones organized or co-sponsored by the ISO), figures like M Benjamin, Cornell West, N. Klein... and other ABBers and pro-Dem types dominate the pol. agenda/discussion 

I have two proposals for moving forward (a friendly amendment, if you will, to Junaid's analysis):

1)  we figure out a strategy to a)  make this leadership accountable, especially those in coalitions like UFPJ and b) discredit the nasty politics of foundation gurus and pro-Dem types.

2)  we dont let them dominate the political forums we organize anymore. 

there has to be a way to be non-sectarian about this... my main concern is not to alienate those in the grassroots who still follow ABB / pro-Dem luminaries... but this doesn't mean we let them set the agenda at each critical phase of the movement (specific example --  N. Klein pushing an ABB stance at the Life After Capitalism conference before RNC and the elections).

I think if we don't begin to seriously address and do something about the issues I have raised we will never get anywhere (the post election anti-war movement and the shitty turnout for M20 show this)... the pro-Dems will continue to sap the energy of our movement every time we build something formidable.



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