[Marxism] the worthless greens

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Fri Mar 25 14:48:44 MST 2005

Douglas MacDonald writes -

The  Green Party is nothing more than a confused united front of good 
intentioned  but dissolusioned democratic party libereals and a-historical 
non-materialist  syndacalist-like activists.  Hence, the debate on most Green Lists in  
2004 was whether to  to back Kucinich or the safe-state strategy of   "what's 
his name". 
  What a static and anti-dialectical view of a political  organization! The 
great majority of the Green ranks, in supporting Nader  took a strong and 
highly principled stand in the face of great hostility,  against lesser evilism and 
political independence for the left. In the fight  against ABB and Demogreens 
they received an inoculation against the siren call  of the Democrats. For 
the most part they have taken an uncompromising stand  against the war for 
empire. The revolutionary socialist movement today is in the  stage of "primitive 
accumulation" of fighters for a better world. Rather than  counterpose a non 
existent independent workers party, we should be inside  the Greens, using our 
experiences to help further the process of their political  evolution.In the 
absence of the working class and Black "upsurge" that some on  this list have 
been expecting for the last thirty years, the Greens, with all  their 
shortcomings are the only game in town.
                                               Dennis Kobray

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