[Marxism] Buying off the German people

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Fri Mar 25 15:44:57 MST 2005

Johannes Schneider>> Not beeing a historian I cannot really assess how sound 
>> argumentation is. I have to rely on what other experts are arguing in the 
>> discussion. But one prediction I can make: Those who liked Goldhagen's 
>> book, will like Aly's book as well. The motivation for this is their 
>> hatred of the German working class. If German workers did not bring 
>> Hitler  to power, at least they benefitted from his rule. In my eyes a 
>> thesis that  puts reality on its head.
>> This hatred for the working class is most outspoken among the political 
>> currcent of the Anti-Germans (Antideutschen). They see US-imperialism as 
>> the only force to stop German imperialism which is actively supported by 
>> the German working class in their eyes. That is why they come with US and 
>> Israeli flags to anti-fascist demonstrattion.
Einde:> Although I haven't had any chance to evaluate the book my first 
> based on the reaction to it in the bourgeois media is to put it in the 
> same category as Goldhagen's book. It fits in very well with the 
> "foundation myth" of the Federal Republic that all Germans are guilty of 
> the Holocaust and the crimes of the Nazis, an ideological thesis that 
> finds its most extreme expression in the Anti-Germans, who are every bit 
> as bad and crass as Johannes has depicted them.
A simple response to the Antideutschen, it would seem, is to point out how 
if one applies those standards, then all Americans are guilty of the 
Holocaust of the Native Americans, and Britons, French, Belgians, Dutch, 
etc., are all guilty of the imperialist genocides committed during their 
countries' histories. This is an easier position to hold now that there are 
many less surviving people in Germany who actively supported the Third Reich 
or were complicit, than was the case a few decades ago.

Whether the Antideutschen are primarily motivated by fear of German, as 
against US imperialism, I'm not sure. It would seem just as likely that 
their propaganda are a convenient strategy for deflecting attention away 
from US imperialism, and even more potently, from the crimes of the Zionist 
regime. Goldhagen's book was veiled Zionist propaganda from beginning to 


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