[Marxism] Greens, Dems and Building Working Class Independence

Douglas MacDonald dmacdonald94591 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 18:48:08 MST 2005

Dennis Korbay writes:
"What a static and anti-dialectical view of a political  organization! The 
great majority of the Green ranks, in supporting Nader  took a strong and 
highly principled stand in the face of great hostility,  against lesser evilism and 
political independence for the left."
Douglas MacDonald responds:
Both the Green Party Cobb supporters and Nader supporters lack a foundation in pressing the
demands of working class politics.  Both camps are equally barren of class analysis.  Yes,
Cobb is simply a Green running cover for the Democrtaic Party.  However, Naders disdain for
explicit class politics and advocay of citizen-based economics is not what Marxists should be
promoting regardless of the vehnem and hate that Democrats project towards him.
Within the Green party the working class finds itself subordinate to lofty notions of "green-
economics: a non-sensical localiztion of the economy and its a-historical politics.  The working
class becomes nothing but an appendage to a multi-class led organization within  that seeks not to streangthen the interests and policies of the working class, but to ameliorate
environmental damage and install "corporate accountability".  Without making class analysis
of equal or more importance in ther foundational programme, the Greens simply become an
impedement to the liberation of the working class.
I certainly am empathetic with the many Greens on this list and find this dialogue engaging
regardless of the barbs thrown by the many ferevent Green supporters.  Turning the Green
party towards understanding that the working class is the vehicle for the liberation of humanity
and the restoration of the planet is almost as useless as working for progressive change and
socialism in the Democratic party.  In fact, the Green party is more of an insipient problems as 
they have the veneer of a natural repository for social change movements however, like the democrats they are incapable of shedding their multi-class nature.
The Green Party is fundamentally incapable of reaching beyond the their middle class roots in
large part becasue of their denial of basic class analysis.  Progressive democrats score better
in understanding class dynamics than most Greens and as such can keep a large portion of 
the working class population voting for them.  Of course, these progressive Dems are masters
of deceit and simply lead their constituencey directly into an alliance with capital while beating
their breast for the advancement of the common working man.
An alliance must develop on a social level at first between radical, progressive,  community
(and environemtnal) organizations and rank and file organized and unorganized labor.  The axis
of such an allaince must be based in the advancement of the interests of the working CLASS
and their COMMUNITY (including their environement) as a whole in a broad fight-back
movement. Of course such a movement is NOT socialist but speaks in as the voice for the
CLASS and their community in united front actions.
In order to maintain and build working class independence, power and unity the alliance should
not support any Democratic, Republican or Green Party candidate for office and restrict its
energies to fight-back movements.  Such an alliance should seek to organize the working
class community to support independent working class politics, local issue campaigns and
labor struggles both organized and unorganized and should be open to members of any
political party that supports these fundamental principles.
Out of such an alliance, within a different and expressly political mileiu should organizations 
and activists meet to constitute a labor-community or workers party to run candidates.  It is
crtitical that the united front remain independent of such a forthrightly political expression as
many in the united front will be unprepared to break with either the Greens, Democrats or
Republicans. However, members of the new party will of course work within the united-front
alliance. Over time the new party will win races and grow in stature and streangth while eroding
the two other multi-class impedements to worker liberation: the Greens and the Democrats.
Revolutionary organizations could easily participate at everly level of such as currents in and
vie for influence.  Working class analysis would therefore be carried in a step-wise fashion from
the social or United-front arena to the expressly political or electoral arena.  Revolutionary
socialists then would have an arena to operate in that is serves expressly working class social
and economic interests, seperate from the class confusionists of the Greens and the class
collaborators of the Democrats and Republicans.
Common campaigns against Wal-Mart, for school funding, against the war are many of the
isues that could serve as the pole of attractions.  However, without buy-in from on the ground
forces and organizations and real democratic structure, such alliance building remains empty.
ANSWER and the Million Worker March are prime examples of false and/or anti-
democratic united fronts and are dead ends for independent working class politics regardless
of the merit of their literature of or rally bulding skills.

-Douglas MacDonald

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