[Marxism] Dialogue - and on my immenent(?) removal from Marx Mail

Douglas MacDonald dmacdonald94591 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 23:47:46 MST 2005

Louis Pryect writes;
:Now you are badmouthing the Million Worker March as a dead end, but you 
used to post to the list using this title:

Douglas MacDonald
Member National Million Worker March Committee SF (ID purposes only)

I am getting the impression that you are here to draw class lines. That is 
not a good idea. Unless you can make some concrete contributions to the 
list about things going on in the world that draw upon a Marxist 
understanding and that do not imply that you are a Bolshevist locked in 
struggle with a bunch of Mensheviks, you will most certainly be removed 
from the list."
Douglas MacDonald writes:

So sorry to rub you the wrong way.  Yes. I previously had been Outreach Coordinator for the
MWM.  However, as that organization has since October 17, 2004 melted into obsolescence
and was never able to move beyond a core clique who controlled the decision making, I have
 left, as has almost the entire constituency which rallied in DC last October. If you doubt me,
simply talk to the former endorsers and participants. For almost 12 months I struggled with
many to open the MWM to a broaden input from the left and the organized trade movement to 
little avail beyond paper endorsements.
The Community-Labor Alliance is local Solano County,CA based movement in the midst of a
re-consititution that I hope will grow to fruition.  It never was a democratic centralist
organization or a marxist-lenninist organization. The CLA is a working-class based united front
inclusive of all who beleive in the political independence of the working class in struggle
regardless of party affiliation. We have been succeful in removeing the Diebold Electonic
touch screen voting machines from the county, conducting countless educations forums
including the "Militarization of the Police" with a Sonoma State Univ. Project Censored Award
Winning Journalist and organizing community-labor rallies with the UFCW in their struggle with
Safeway and supported  the Bricklayers Union picket line in their demand for a contract with
the Valero Refinery Corporation.
Recently we are in negotiations with the Napa-Solano Building Trades Council, Central labor
Council, UFCW and local Teachers unions to start a citizens initiative to pass an excise tax
on the local oil refinery industry (Valero) and big box stores in the county to specifically
earmark the funds for our county's failing school system.  Just last month they closed the
elementary school my neice attends. I wrote about this an it was picked up in the local paper
I apologize if you mistook my musings on grass roots tactics as overly preachy. I simply just
desired to express a marxist inspired community-labor organizing campaign independent of
and opposed to both Democratic and Green politics.  I imagine this may be a sore point with
you as a self-identified Green and I will certainly think twice before posting such musings on
your personal list: "Marx-Mail" in the future.  Although I disagree with your Green Party
endorsements (Nader/Camejo), I sincrely appreciate your list and hope you will allow a
contrarian point of view to continue to participate.
Comaraderly yours;
Douglas MacDonald

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