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davidquarter at davidquarter at
Sat Mar 26 22:02:11 MST 2005

it is righteous b/c you say so? Good to know...

Because, actually, it could easily be argued that the relatives of Elian were saving him from "*vils" of Castroism,
and hence from a lot of uncessary suffering..,,
ALso if you're defending the father of Elian b/c you feel
that decisions over a child's life should rest with his/her direct family, this is again your own value judgement
The irony is, of course, that while you imply the above, you also defend the decision 
of Shiavo's husband to have her
"mercifully" (eugenics anyone?) put to death...

Now who's being dishonest here?


On 26 Mar 2005 at 22:09, Carlos A. Rivera wrote:

> > Cynical Indeed, Walter...It's amazing that you of all people would post an 
> > article
> > from someone who applauds the decision of the Democrats to save Elian 
> > Gonzalez
> > from his Cuban-exile family's claws, yet paints the Terry Shiavo case as
> > government entering "into a family's most private affairs"... When it 
> > suits her of
> > course.
> >
> > This  wreaks so badly of hypocrisy that I'm plugging my nose as I write...
> >
> Man, I have a gift for metting out and understanding quite provocative and 
> outlandish analogies, but this one is so streched, its transparent in the 
> middle and 1000 times its original size.
> The two cases are only related in that both have Florida as epicenter.
> The similarities of content stop there.
> As you point out, the media and the Crusaders have turned it into yet 
> another "wedge" issue and hence there is some inevitable cross-polinisation 
> within liberalism with doe swho defended the rigtheous wishes of Elian's 
> father for him to return to his next of kind, and those who defend the 
> righteous wishes of Terri Schiavo's immediate next of kind to have a 
> merciful death. Yet this is a superficial similarity of form.
> It is very dishonest of you to state otherwise, and a cheap sectarian jab.

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