[Marxism] My two cents on the Schiavo case

davidquarter at sympatico.ca davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 26 22:13:47 MST 2005

On 26 Mar 2005 at 23:46, Joaquín Bustelo wrote:

> The Schiavo case is quite straightforward and uncomplicated. 

> The challenge to the husband's decision was a Papist plot from the
> beginning, inspired by some priest who decided to take a break from child
> molestation and "counsel" the parents instead. That's all its ever been. If
> you look at the "demonstrations" to "save" Schiavo (CNN the other day had
> not just one, but TWO live video feeds of one such event), it's the same
> handful of fetus fetishists plus a few Papist cadre, some in full religious
> drag, some passing as normal people.>>>>

 You're kidding right? 

You must suscribe to a different news channel than myself (or just need to broaden 
your media horizons) as the group of people I saw most vehemently protesting the 
decision to "mercively" put to death Shiavo consisted of a posse of about 20 or 30 
disabled activists in wheelchairs. 

Or perhaps they were Papist agents, disguised....

> Because of this challenge pushed by the Papists, the relevant issues were
> litigated, relitigated, a re-relitigated to death in the state courts. The
> state executive and legislative branches have meddled in this incessantly
> and repeatedly, as have now the federal legislative and executive branches,
> ordering the federal judiciary to take the case. 
> The courts have well-nigh unanimously told the parents and their priests,
> and the priests' politicians, to shove it. 
> In terms of the law, it is an entirely simple, straightforward, and settled
> question: who decides what medical treatment is in the best interests of a
> patient? The patient does, and, in the case of a married person, where no
> instructions are available from the patient, the spouse. The parents of a
> spouse have no more right to meddle in this aspect of the decisions a
> married couple make than in any other. It isn't really a question that
> should have been litigated at all. It is a matter of settled law.>>>>

Interesting to witness such reverence for the law from a Marxist...


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