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JnB> In terms of the law, it is an entirely simple, straightforward,
JnB> and settled question: who decides what _medical treatment_ is in
JnB> the best interests of a patient? The patient does, and, in the
JnB> case of a married person, where no instructions are available
JnB> from the patient, the spouse.

  This may be so in terms of the law of the Florida state of the  
United States of A, but the disputed case is not one of medical  

  As far as I know, Terri Schiavo does not suffer from a terminal  
illness which would cause her more or less immediate death when  
artificial life support is being removed. She is now being denied  
nourishment, and she will die of dehydration, before she would die  
from starving.

  It is not nice dieing [dying? sorry for my bad english] that way. If  
I were in such a situation, I would prefer to get an injection of  
lethal poison to kill me quick instead of the drawn out process of  
starving to death.

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