[Marxism] Greens, Dems and Building Working Class Independence,

Steve Gabosch sgabosch at comcast.net
Sun Mar 27 05:07:14 MST 2005

It is striking in this discussion how participants are able to find some 
agreement about what they are *against* - but not much agreement on what 
they are *for*.

I too oppose the Democratic Party and the two-party bourgeois political 
system in the US.  But, in my opinion, it is not enough to just identify 
what one is *against*.  One must also be clear about what one is *for*.

I am for many things, including what is demanded in the 1975-1976 Bill of 
Rights for Working People that Mark talked about recently, but above all, I 
am for revolutions that put in power workers and farmers governments that 
can abolish capitalism and begin humanity on the road to socialism.

Others might consider formulating what they are *for*, especially what they 
are *for* in terms of state power - and which class(es) they advocate 
should hold that power.

Stating what one is ultimately *for* in terms of state power and class 
struggle establishes the essential political principle one works 
from.  Figuring out how to achieve this principle in real life - thinking 
through a conscious strategy to accomplish what one is *for* - flows from 

Without openly stating the political principle, one can become susceptible 
to confused and conflicting strategizing that is based largely on trying to 
unite opposition tendencies, postponing until too late the task of 
formulating and carrying out a revolutionary strategy.  The experience of 
all successful and failed socialist revolutions in the 20th century 
demonstrate this again and again.  It is not enough to just oppose unjust 
aspects of capitalism or even capitalism on principle: the working masses 
must also organize a revolution.  In my view, this is why one must be clear 
not only on what one is *against*, but what one is *for*.

In solidarity,
- Steve Gabosch

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