[Marxism] My two cents on the Schiavo case (TV news)

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Sun Mar 27 06:14:43 MST 2005

	Too true! In Britain, right now, you can get a shedload

- the Wacko Jacko circus

- the forthcoming royal wedding, reckoned to diminish whatever
standing the 'family' has even further. Even Prince Philip
threatens not to attend--you couldn't make it up.

- the forthcoming election, which is so boring and where the real
differences between each side are so minimal that even serious
bourgeois commentators are at a loss but there's still a month to
go and air time and print space to fill. Latest is the so-called
Howard Flight gaffe. The problem being that before three days ago
no one knew who Howard Flight was. Perhaps they should examine
the differences between Respect and the Socialist Unity Green
Alliance. Then again perhaps not.

There's a gadget called 'TV gone' you can get from Adbusters that
can do the world a favour.

Can't wait for Michael Connelly's 'The Closers' myself


> I don't subscribe to a news channel. I don't watch TV news, 
> except at work, where I really don't have a choice. Most TV 
> news is idiotic garbage created by idiots; the rest is 
> created by smart people who know enough to pretend to be 
> idiots. For that matter, I don't watch TV, at least not 
> conventionally: what little I do watch is downloaded from the 
> Internet, mostly sci-fi.
> Joaquin

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