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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Mar 27 09:15:20 MST 2005

>a Socialist Action Educational Conference
>April 29 - May 1, 2005 in Toronto
>“Revolutionary continuity in a new rise of freedom struggles”
>Friday, April 29 @ Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 252 Bloor 
>Street West, Room 2-212, near St. George subway station.
>Registration 6 p.m.
>Cost: $20 for the weekend, or $5 per session, or PWYC.
>7:30 p.m. opening public forum:
>Gerry Foley, International Editor of San Francisco-based Socialist Action 
>newspaper, speaks on
>"The Empire Re-Loads ­ Iraq, Iran, Palestine, and the Lessons of Vietnam”
>Discussion to follow.
>Saturday, April 30 @ OISE, Room 2-212
>12 noon  Video presentation on Socialist Action, by Judy Koch
>1 p.m. “From Leftism to Leninism”, a presentation by Ian Angus, author of 
>the recently re-published book Canadian Bolsheviks, The Early Years of the 
>Communist Party of Canada.                         Discussion to follow.
>2:30 p.m. “Canadian Bolsheviks Today: What is to be Done?”, a presentation 
>by Barry Weisleder, editorial board member of Socialist Action newspaper.
>                                         Discussion to follow.
>4 p.m. “The ideas of James P. Cannon on Revolutionary Party Building”, by 
>Gerry Foley, Socialist Action (US).           Discussion to follow.
>5:30 p.m.  Supper break.
>7 p.m. Rally: “Imperialist Hands Off Cuba and Venezuela”, with speakers 
>Loreano Cardoso, Cuban Consul in Toronto; John Riddell, co-editor, 
>Socialist Voice; Gerry Foley, Socialist Action (US); and Nchamah Miller of 
>the Bolivarian Circle in Toronto.                 Discussion to follow.
>Sunday, May 1 @ OISE, Room 2-212
>12 noon “Quebec Students Fight Back”, by Aaron Donny-Clark, V.P. McGill 
>Students’ Union, and SA member in Montreal.                Discussion to 
>1:30 p.m. “The Workers’ Movement in British Columbia”, by Roger Annis, 
>co-editor of Socialist Voice, based in 
>Vancouver.                Discussion to follow.
>3 p.m. to 5 p.m. (approx.) internal SA session (members and invited guests 
>7 p.m. 19th Annual Toronto SA May Day Celebration
>at the Free Times Cafe, 320 College Street, 2 blocks west of Spadina Avenue.
>Theme: United for Union Democracy, with speakers from SA and other 
>organizations, plus folk singers, raffle and surprises.  (See below)
>Toronto’s 19th Annual Socialist
>May Day Celebration
>United for Union Democracy
>John Clarke
>Organizer, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
>Gerry Foley
>International editor, Socialist Action newspaper based in San Francisco
>Wendy Forrest
>Spokesperson, Socialist Alternative
>John Riddell
>Co-editor, Socialist Voice
>Emily Tang
>Spokesperson, Metropolitan Hotel Workers’ Committee, UNITE-HERE
>Barry Weisleder
>Substitute teachers’ organizer, and spokesperson, Socialist Action
>M.C.:   Elizabeth Byce, federal Treasurer, NDP Socialist Caucus, and 
>member of Toronto Local, Canadian Union of Postal Workers
>Celebrate with wonderful folk entertainers:
>Norm Hacking, brilliant veteran composer and singer-guitarist;
>Mad Love, three sisters in soft blue grass harmony;
>Linda Saslove, rising star singer-songwriter;
>Bill Heffernan, activist, teacher and song smith;
>Glen Hornblast, folk singer on the social justice scene; and
>Michael Laderoute, amazing guitarist and soulful singer.
>Enjoy delicious food from  the menu and drinks from the bar.  For details, 
>call the Free Times Café at 416-967-1078.  At the event there will also be 
>a literature display, raffle, and surprises.
>Sunday, May 1, 2005  7 p.m.
>Free Times Cafe, 320 College St.,
>  (2 blocks west of Spadina)
>Admission:    $10 waged, $5 non-waged, or pay what you can
>Information:   e-mail: barryaw at look.ca     Phone: (416) 535-8779
>sponsored by Socialist Action
>(Fourth Internationalists in the Canadian state)
>Event endorsed by: Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, NDP Socialist 
>Caucus, Socialist Voice and Socialist Alternative.

Louis Proyect
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