[Marxism] Re: RE: My two cents on the Schiavo case

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 27 11:46:31 MST 2005

Does anybody really think that what's really going on here is some great
debate about quality of life, levels of scientific knowledge, burning
moral issues?

Well if anyone does then he or she has forgotten that  as Eldon Tyrell
put it in <Blade Runner>:  "Commerce.  That's our most important

Come on.  This is all about the cash.  The reborn postAbortion used car
salesman Randall Terry and his ilk  lining up with the parents for a
percentage of the made for TV movie vs. the husband (already the
recipient of nearly a cool million in malpractice damages) and his
exclusive rights to the story.

Not a big fan myself of "Papist Plots," but you can't deny the relief
this supplies to that organization of swindlers and pedophiles, and the
photo ops it supplies to the compassionate Bush con(artists)servatives,
who waving for the cameras with their right hands, rip away at health
care funding with their lefts.

Can it really be that simple?  It has to be.  This is capitalism
remember.  If it were complicated Bush would be flipping burgers at

Follow the money.  You need a jaundiced eye to see through this one.

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