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>> Aside from
>> the evangelical wave, which is recent, the protestant churches have
>> followed the catholic church in political terms in Latin America.

>This is enormously mistaken.

Enorme fue tu constestacion!!! Por dios!!! (jejeje)

Now, excellent and instructive piece of information, I actually learned a 
lot today of Southern Patagonian history, which is a subject I had never 

Now, I read and re-read and re-read, but I can't see how is it that 
Catholicism and Protestantism are placed in contrast in this story, in terms 
of what I mentioned in my posts on the "Hispanic" move towards conservatism. 
I don't believe this is a factor simply because religious conversion in to 
Pretestantism is not that important to be in power in the USA. There has 
been a Catholic president etc.

As to the CIA fronts in Brazil (or El Salvador etc), they are precisely the 
evangelical wave I refered to.


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