[Marxism] Re: The political role of (most) protestant churches in L.America (wasRe: On "Hispanic" Republicans

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Sun Mar 27 19:13:36 MST 2005


M. Junaid Allam states:

> Aside from
> the evangelical wave, which is recent, the protestant churches have
> followed the catholic church in political terms in Latin America."

I never wrote this, that was Carlos. All I wrote was that I read somewhere
(in Newsweek I think) that a lot of Latino Catholics who have immigrated
to the US have converted to Protestantism. I don't know what significance
this has here, but a critical review of Huntington I googled online contained 
the following:


Talking about culture and religion is a tricky business. If we take 
Anglo-Protestantism as the root of American national identity, we have 
to consider European Catholicism, which we all consider fully 
assimilated into whatever the American identity may be. Huntington 
argues that Catholicism has been “Protestantized” in America. But then 
why the problem with Mexican-Americans, who are largely Catholic? At one 
point, Huntington notes: “Unquestionably, a most significant 
manifestation of assimilation is the conversion of Hispanic immigrants 
to evangelical Protestantism.” Here the head reels. Is Huntington 
suggesting that to remain Catholic is to remain unassimilated, but to 
become evangelical Protestant is to become more assimilated?

But the evangelical Protestantism to which many Hispanics are attracted 
is deeply rooted in their distinctive homeland experience. It shows 
strong growth in Latin America; thus converting to evangelical 
Protestantism means accepting religious leaders who are far less 
“assimilated” than American Catholics. Catholicism opens Mexicans to the 
influence of the American hierarchy and American priests—in short, to 
the influence of American culture. Here Huntington’s commitment to the 
Protestant roots of American identity leads him into confusion."


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