[Marxism] Justin Raimondo: Easter orgy of destruction in Kyrgyzstan

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March 28, 2005 How the East Was Won 
The wilted daffodil: Easter orgy of destruction in Kyrgyzstan by Justin Raimondo 
On the first day of Kyrgyzstan's "daffodil revolution," photogenic girls smilingly 
offered daffodils to police guarding the presidential palace, but in a few hours those 
same guards were being pushed back and beaten by drunken crowds, who surged 
into the seat of government and ransacked the place. They also ransacked the 
entire city. "Democracy, whiskey, sexy!" “ as the saying goes¦
Looters in Kyrgyzstan's capital city of Bishkek justified their rampage on the grounds 
that the owners of the big stores “ including President Askar Akayev's son, Aidar “ 
were supporters of the old regime. Conversely, in typical Soviet style, the 
"revolutionary" leaders were quick to accuse the looters of being part of a 
counterrevolutionary plot:
"'It's those government-hired provocateurs who were trying to spoil our rally 
yesterday,' said Kadyrbai Sodirov, referring to hundreds of men in plainclothes who 
clashed with the anti-Akayev rally before the seizure of the government building 
known as the White House. 'Now they are trying to tarnish our image another way.' 
But Saniya Sagnayeva, an analyst from the International Crisis Group, said she 
believed most looters had been on the opposition side Thursday. 'It's a war of the 
poor against the rich,' she said. 'It is understandable: These young men are mostly 
from remote villages. They have no fridges, no radio at home. After their triumph at 
the White House, they think the city is theirs. It's winners' fever.'"
That the Bush administration has unleashed a war of "the poor against the rich" may 
seem anomalous to some of us here at home “ after all, this is the same 
administration that is making it harder for the poor to declare bankruptcy while at 
the same time giving the rich the right to keep their Mercedes “ but this is nothing 
new for our Janus-faced administration: they are royalists at home and Jacobins 
abroad. While the Bushians claim the right to suspend the Bill of Rights in the U.S., 
they do more than merely proclaim their "global democratic revolution" “ they are 
acting on it. 
It was therefore not at all surprising to read the text of a purloined memo from U.S. 
ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Stephen Young “ originally posted on the official news 
site of the Kyrgyzstan government “ that outlines in detail the American plan to oust 
Akayev. Now before I go any further, I just want to comment on the authenticity of 
this memo: a number of people have remarked on the various grammatical errors 
that appear in it. These, I believe, can be explained as errors of transcription: it 
seems that this was posted in a very great hurry, as events in Kyrgyzstan have 
proceeded apace. After all, we aren't talking about the Associated Press or Reuters 
here, but a news agency, albeit the "official" one, in a small and relatively 
impoverished Central Asian country. Secondly, we have to look at the context in 
which this memo appears: it was posted on a Web site that features all sorts of 
articles written with reasonable objectivity, and even pieces that put the Akayev 
government in a bad light. So the Kabar News Agency doesn't seem to be an outlet 
for pro-Akayev propaganda. The memo sticks pretty closely to the thrust of U.S. 
policy in Kyrgyzstan, and I find the signature of the U.S. ambassador as well as the 
U.S. government seal reproduced at the bottom fairly convincing. The distinct 
possibility that this is authentic, and precisely because it hasn't received attention 
anywhere else, compels me to take it seriously. If this isn't a memo written and 
conceived in the U.S. embassy, then let the U.S. State Department deny it.
Full: http://antiwar.com/justin/

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