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March 22, 2005
 Fateful Quadrangle Cuba and Venezuela Face US and Colombia By JAMES 
Cuba's living example of 45 years of successful resistance to US military 
aggression and economic boycott is extremely damaging to Washington's goal of 
world empire for several reasons. In the first place Cuba's success refutes the 
notion put forth by the "center-left" that "small", "undeveloped" countries cannot 
resist imperial powers, or sustain a revolution in the face of "globalization". 
Secondly the survival of the Cuban revolution refutes the idea that Caribbean or 
Latin American countries located proximate to the US must conform to the dictates 
of Washington. Thirdly, Cuba demonstrates that the US empire is not invincible ­ 
Cuba has defeated almost all major aggressive military, political and diplomatic 
Diplomatically, Cuba is recognized by almost all countries in the world, and receives 
the support of over 150 countries (versus 3 for the US) in opposition to the US 
embargo in the United Nations. Economically, Cuba has trade and investment 
relations with all major European, Asian, African, Latin American and North 
American nations (except the US). Militarily, the Cuban armed forces and 
intelligence agencies have defeated every US-sponsored terrorist attack on the 
islands for the past half-century in addition to raising the political cost for any 
potential invasion. In response to a half century of failures, the Bush Administration 
has escalated its aggression: practically eliminating all US travel to Cuba, blocking 
almost all family remittances, and tightening trade restrictions on food and 
medicine. While these harsh measures have had some negative effects on Cuba, 
they have also provoked opposition among some conservative sectors of the US 
public. Many Cuban exiles who would normally support Bush have been 
antagonized because they cannot provide economic assistance to aging family 
members. Agricultural interests (from 38 states) which supported Bush are furious at 
the new restriction on trade. Liberal and conservative enemies of the Cuban 
revolution who hoped to subvert the revolution via cultural and ideological 
penetration are upset by the travel and cultural restrictions.
In other words the harsher and more extreme the measures adopted by the Bush 
Administration against Cuba the greater Washington's isolation. This is true 
externally as well as internally. Let us examine several illustrations.
The US exploited the jailing of over 70 US paid propagandists, labeling them 
"political dissidents", initially securing the support of the European Union. A year 
later, the EU has broken with Washington and renewed and expanded its cultural 
and economic ties with Cuba.
While the US tightens its trade embargo, Cuban trade and investment ties with 
China and the rest of Asia, Venezuela and the rest of Latin America, Canada and 
Europe have expanded and deepened. The US restrictions on family remittances 
has been weakened by family members sending money via "third countries such as 
Mexico, Canada, Dominican Republic etc. Canadian, European, Latin American and 
Asian visitors have topped 2 million annually and new influxes of investment have 
made up for most of the shortfall from the restrictions on remittances.
Finally Washington's attempts to limit Cuba's access to energy sources after the fall 
of the USSR have been defeated by the far-reaching trade and investment 
agreements with the Venezuelan government of President Chavez. The Chavez 
regime provides Cuba with petrol at subsidized prices in exchange for Cuba 
providing a vast health and education program for the poor of Venezuela. The 
Cuban-Venezuelan political and economic ties have undercut US efforts to force the 
Caribbean and Latin American countries to break with Cuba. As a result of past and 
present failed policies of directly attacking Cuba, the Bush administration has turned 
toward destroying Cuba's strategic alliance with the Chavez regime.
Full: http://www.counterpunch.org/petras03222005.html

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