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Mon Mar 28 05:26:58 MST 2005

Lou's comments are rather sombre.  He sees the Iraqi 
resistance caught in a noose between the Shai and the counter-
revolution from the Kurds.

The US does seem to have succeeded in finally get a base. If 
we are to believe reports a large section of the population 
now collaborate.

This is direct result of close cooperation between the Ayat 
Allah Sistani, first with the British and now with the 

But there is a price to be paid for playing the Shia card.
There will be no swift crushing of the Sunni Resistance by a 
new Shiite Army or police.

Moreover the present alliance with the Shia will hardly 
survive an attack on the Hizb Allah in Lebanon or on Iran.

It may be in Sistani's interest to crush the resistance but 
there are plenty in Lebanon/Syria and in Iran, and probably 
Saudia Arabia too who think that it is important that the 
Americans remain bogged down and are not able to carry out 
the rest of their Middle East agenda.

Moreover we should remember that it is not that long ago 
since the Al Sadr militia was battling it out with the 
American Army in the streets of Najaf. Sistani may be calling 
the shots at present among the Shia but there are Shiites who 
want the Americans to leave.

As well the overall situation in  the region is extremely 
unstable as the recent demonstrations in Egypt and Bahrain 

So I am still inclined to think that the balance of forces is 
in favour of the anti-imperialist side, though I do take note 
of Tariq Ali's inistence on the political weaknesses of the 
Iraqi resistance: a comment which I also took Lou to be 
agreeing with.



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