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I know that the Rius cartoon-based, but heavily bibliographied, "Mao for 
Beginners" (Mao en su Tinta?) has been translated into english and is 
available for sale for 15 bucks:


Also the SWP translated and published his Cuba book:

Rius (Eduardo del Río), 1934-
   Cuba for Beginners : an illustrated guide for Americans
   (and their government) to socialist Cuba / Rius. -- New
   York : Pathfinder Press, 1970. -- 153 p. : ill., maps. ; 22
   cm. -- "A Merit book." -- Translation of Cuba para

Some else did the excellent illustrated Manifesto:

Manifesto Comunista : illustrated and explicated to fit
   your brain, schooled, fooled, learned or burned / Marx,
   Engels, Rius. -- Madison, Wis. : Quixote Press, 1977? -- 94
   p. : ill. ; 27 cm. -- (Quixote Magazine ; v. 10, no. 2) --
   Cover title: Communist Manifesto. -- "Quixote Classic
   1. Communism--Comic books, strips, etc. 2. Mexican comics.
   I. Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. II. Engels, Fred. III. Rius. IV.
   Communist Manifesto. V. Series.

Have other cartoon books by Rius been translated into English?

They are excellent introductions to Marxist concepts and biography.

Titles such as:

"Marx para principiantes"
(Marx for beginners)

"Manual del Perfecto Ateo"
(Manual for the pious Atheist)

"El Diablo se llama Trotsky"
(The Devil's name is Trotsky - a defence of Trotsky done when Rius moved 
away from Sovietism and into Posadism!!!)

(my favorite)

 "La Joven Alemania"
(The Young Germany - a defense of the RDA)

etc etc etc

I also know that the Progress Editions did some stuff for high schoolers in 
English, but they are rare finds.


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> Another question for you: I might get a brief job teaching about the 
> Russian and Chinese revolutions to high school students, and I'm looking 
> for some good stuff. The course will be short, and the kids won't have 
> time to do much reading. I'm pretty sure I can come up with things for the 
> Chinese revolution part, but I'm a little less sure about the Russian 
> Revolution. Some short primary documents would be good. I don't want to 
> focus too narrowly on CP history, but rather get some voices from average 
> people as well. Do you know of anything like that?
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