[Marxism] Reports on March 19, UFPJ-Troops Out Now Coalition-May Day?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Mar 28 16:40:28 MST 2005

>Peace March Veers Way Left
>Black-led protest challenges capitalism, imperialism, and New York's
>very rich mayor
>by Sarah Ferguson
>March 20th, 2005 2:16 PM

A surprisingly positive report from Sarah Ferguson, especially in the pages 
of the Village Voice. I used to run into Sarah at Nicaragua Network 
meetings in the 1980s and once drove down to Washington with her a couple 
of other people for a protest, can't remember over which imperialist 
injustice. She tends to reflects anti-Communist prejudices among the hip 
liberal journalist milieu, but is also a genuine radical.

Interesting sidelight about the UPJ. When I went to some parade marshals 
and asked who was in the coalition that organized the Central Park rally, 
they mentioned UPJ. From the looks of the speakers, I tended to doubt that 
at the time. I was correct.

What's missing in the entire equation is a *vanguard* (I used the word in 
its genuine sense) that can size up the state of the movement and project 
meaningful steps forward. The American SWP played that role in the 60s and 
70s and the British SWP is playing that role today in England. The WWP 
could play that role if it wasn't so bent on building a more radical, if 
less inclusive, movement. The ISO probably has a better handle on what has 
to be done, but seems to have washed its hands of the coalition mess and is 
concentrating on the campus. I can't say I blame them.

The CP and the CofC are groups with the numbers and the influence to play 
that kind of role, but their politics are rancid. You might as well have 
Howard Dean leading the movement.

Although I really am not interested in beating a dead horse, it really was 
a grievous loss to the American left when the SWP imploded. I think back on 
the people I worked with in the Vietnam antiwar movement and can imagine 
them exploring ways to make the movement stronger. Some of them are subbed 
to Marxmail. Some read the archives.

Back in the 1970s during one particular nasty faction fight, a party leader 
referred to the minority as "cadre killers". I wouldn't use language like 
that today, but it does certainly spring to mind when I consider the latest 
madness coming out of the pages of the Militant newspaper.

Louis Proyect
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