[Marxism] Revolutionary Communists Take on Christian Fascists OverSchiavo

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Mon Mar 28 22:28:26 MST 2005

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> Finally!

I am grinning because this was my reaction when I read the part before this 

> More details appear on Sunsara's personal blog:
> http://www.sunsara.blogspot.com/

"They want to rule science out of the discussion. Terri cannot think, feel 
or ever recover. Terri as a person died 15 years ago. She is not here 
anymore. Her body wouldn't be either except for the intervention of humans."

I posted something similar here. In all the "opinions" regarding these 
issues, we seem to lose this fact.

If you did a CAT scan on Terry Schiavo it would show only the stem 
functioning. Her brain cortex is essentially fluid. This is not a 
handicapped person, but a shell with no way of returning.

She has exactlly the same life, based upon the same biological principle, as 
a headless cockroach. Actually , if you put feeding tubes into a headless 
coackroach, it would also "live" for a long time. And without feeding tubes 
they can last up to two weeks, a week being more common.

I have no love for SpongeBob MaoSuit, but the RCP shows once again an 
ability to *act* provocatively were is needed that the left has apparently 

And, while I am very critical of the "Christian Fascism" line (I feel it is 
left-deviationist), in this specific case (and other similar ones) it is 
spot on.


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