[Marxism] Re: my two cents on the Schiavo case

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Mar 28 23:32:22 MST 2005

Mark Lause wrote:

>As to the new, born-again forms, it's worth pointing out that the social
>base isn't the rural bumpkins.  The funding for the Moral Majority in
>the 1980s came out from the new technicians--people isolated in suburban
>non-communities who are trying to restructure a sense of self and
>community via corporate churches, electronic communities (including
>through televangelism, etc.) 

this makes sense to me and i am glad you correct my mistaken impression 
of the farmers being the mass base of the clerical. in fact, i'd like to 
hear more on this, and also some more historical background on the 
differences between U.S. and European clericalism.

les schaffer

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