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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at resist.ca
Tue Mar 29 00:53:57 MST 2005

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>   13. Broad meeting of Toronto left forms united group to	defend
>       Venezuela (Fred Feldman)

The CPers supported this position with an added twist: they strongly opposed 
any talk of Canadian complicity, since they see Canada, like Venezuela, as 
struggling for sovereignty against the U.S.

THis kind of reactionary xenophobic nonsense is what has reduced the CP to a 
shame in Canada; the same party that once helped build many of the remaining 
  unions in this imperialist state.

Funny, they don't see it as problematic to "support" Indian sovereignty in 
theory while supporting "sovereignty" for "Canada". The platform of the CP 
on this question needs to be investigated and fleshed out. They can yammer 
on for hours about the need to "defend Canada" but do next to nothing when 
it comes to the the crimes of Canadian imperialism. An imperial state having 
their sovereignty defended, for any reason, is simply butchery to the 
struggle for an independant workers movement-- and when that state is not 
only imperialist (like say, Britain or France) but an ongoing, genocidal 
colonialist one as well, they are partners in these crimes and, much as 
their miniscule muscles could flex next to nothing, should be held 
politically accountable nonetheless.

The example of the north is perfect. For "Canada" to "express sovereignty" 
will mean building a "faster, better" pipeline over the ashes and bones of 
nations who depend on that land for survival, traditions and who rightly are 
the masters of these resources. Yet "more jobs" will be the rallying cry 
from the Feds, and the CP (so long as the refining is done here!!) will 
*support* this. THey supported Trudeau's energy bill, but criticized it as 
"not going far enough".

Take Haiti, Afghanistan, the recent Iraqi "election", and the basic trade 
relations between Canada and the rest of the world and ask where the working 
class of the world should stand in line with the federal policies emanating 
out of Ottawa. Modern economics are doing nothing to "Canada", they are 
decimating global working standards, and doing the same thing to the US 
without doing it to Canada would not be a "victory for working people".

There are people I hold very dearly, some of the people who I grew close to 
as I "radicalized" a decade ago who are still in the CP. But let's call this 
policy of nationalism what it is: vis a vis the average Canadian worker, 
reactionary, xenophobic, backward looking and opportunistic; towards the 
rest of the world: apologia for imperialism, neo-colonialism and super 
exploitation; vis-a-vis the US worker: scapegoating the crimes of their 
united capitalist enemy; and vis a vis indigenous populations? THe same ol' 
genoicidal, hypocritical saw of colonialism.

The forests of British Columbia were decimated by MacMillan Bloedell before 
Weyerhauser: Canadian capitalism might have fed a few more white workers on 
this side of the border when the plants were here, but soil erosion 
destroyed communities and lives and rivers just the same;

Irving petroleum runs almost everything in the Maritimes. Yet for some 
reason, that's still one of the most exploited, impoverished regions of Canada.

There used to be a day when those who fought for unions in North America did 
so on either side of the border, and no "communist" would tell them to be 

Macdonald Stainsby
In the contradiction lies the hope
	--Bertholt Brecht.

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