[Marxism] Re: my two cents on Schiavo case

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Mar 29 08:03:53 MST 2005

Fred Feldman wrote:

>No victory over the political use of religious fundamentalism will be
>won in this case (although one will probably be celebrated by some
>liberals and leftists), whether Terry Schiavo dies in the next couple
>days or lives to be eighty, with or without feeding tube.

but no victory can be won without a battle, and the battle lines are 
being drawn currently by the opponent. c'est la vie.

this morning i read that Schiavo's parents have agreed to sell their 
email support lists to direct-marketing firms specializing in 
anti-abortion and other conservative causes:


whether we find it distasteful or not, the conservative cell is having 
no misgivings about rallying their troops around this affair. meanwhile, 
check out the kind of thinking going on in Islamic jurisprudence:


Meanwhile Bush's clique has no problems framing their geopolitical 
manueverings in the Gulf under cover of a religious war on 
Fundamentalist Evil Islam.

>I believe the
>overall effect has been to sttrengthen the Republicans with their "wedge
>groups". I believe that the attractive power of religion for those who
>feel desperate or defeated or threatened has probably been increased --
>that religion will protect the helpless, which is how people are being
>encouraged to think of themselves. 
i am recalling how this whole thread started: Lueko asked what comrades 
in the U.S. thought about the Schiavo case. I understood his query as 
being about __politics__, not whether we would or wouldnt terminate our 
own mothers and fathers. my parents have been very explicit with me 
about their desires (pull the plug!): will the Schiavo case make my life 
and countles others much more painful in the future? it's possible, right? 

my personal take on the Schiavo case: if i were a friend of that family, 
i would do everything i could to get husband and parents sitting in a 
room together and work out an arrangement where they support each other 
through the end of Terri's life. Because when Terri is gone, they are in 
for a world of pain themselves. My personal view?: no one should have to 
go thru that kind of pain themselves. and no "society" should wedge 
itself between a husband and a mother/father experiencing a huge loss in 
such a way as the Fundies are pushing. i think the priests who are 
advising the Schiavo parents need their heads examined. </personal view>

but i agree with Mark Lause: radical politics ought to invite religious 
people to come practice on the other side of the line. further.i think 
this thread could use a healthy dose of background information on 
end-of-life health care in this country and where it's headed. for 
example, how many people are currently on life-support? how many people 
are currently unable to obtain such support for a family member, when it 
is desired? what is quality of life for people on life support who are 
not "brain dead"? this is a case thats begging for a wider scope of the 

les schaffer

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