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Tue Mar 29 08:32:28 MST 2005

While collecting material about Jon Hillson after his death
last year, I got a message from Beren and recalled his name
right away. Those while files of old Socialist Workers Party
internal bulletins may recall he was gay in those days and
argued that the SWP should have gotten involved in the gay
liberation struggle. There were more than a few of those,
but Beren is the only one I know of who'se gone all the 
way over to the other side, hook, line and stinker.

Since then he's gotten patriotic, learned the importance
of supporting "our" troops in Iraq, is against socialism,
and is married. He's trying to make a living as a public
speaker of some sort. Sorry I haven't time to find his
note to me. I collected and posted links to many of the
tributes made to Hillson, but didn't bother to follow
through with this one. That page can be found still on
the front page of my own site, toward the bottom.

Walter Lippmann


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