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Tue Mar 29 09:06:35 MST 2005

Steve Beren's activity in the SWP must have been extremely 
circumscribed by his athletic activity and fantasy athletic games.

As of 1998 he was the president of a SOM league. SOM leagues appear to 
be organized around fantasy baseball leagues and games.

Larry: You have played thousands of Strat games. Do you have any 
records of the leagues or tournaments in which you organized or played?

Steve: I have lots of scoresheets from ESSOM and other games I have 
played, but I also throw out a lot. I have many old ESSOM newsletters, 
and I still have the original draft list from the founding of the 
Federal League, plus the constitution of the Federal League. I have 
scoresheets from our 1982 exhibition series between the Skyliners 
(ESSOM Spring League) and Bluesox (Federal League), and various 
materials (including many scoresheets) from some face-to-face 
tournaments I've been to. I have a scoresheet from a game or two from a 
Tom Swank tournament  back in 1981 or so. And I have a tattered flyer I 
distributed in the IQBA face-to-face league complaining about people 
deliberately throwing games to get a higher draft pick in the next 

Larry: Have you participated in any other leagues other than SOM 

Steve: In the early 1980s, I was in a face-to-face SOM football league 
in New York. It was called the Big Apple Football League, and I had the 
Houston Oilers (one-dimensional offense led by Earl Campbell). I quit 
early in the second season. Also, I had the New York Green Stars in the 
North American Hockey Association (NAHA) about 20 years ago. I don't 
remember what happened with that league, but I didn't last long. And I 
recall that my team was very weak because I neglected scoring and 
passing and simply drafted the players with the highest defense 

Larry: Do you actively participate in sports?

Steve: I'm 47 years old now and I am no longer active in organized 
sports. I played in a fastpitch softball league from 1978-1982, with a 
lifetime batting average of .160 (but I did hit .280 in 1979!).... The 
firm I work for has a team in a serious soccer league, and I played a 
few games in 1996, but it was a little too much for me (especially when 
we would play in the cold and rain!)....

      *     *     *

As a 17-year-old college freshman at CCNY, I joined the Young Socialist 
Alliance, a communist youth group, in November 1968.  For 22 years, as 
a communist and supporter of the Socialist Workers Party, virtually all 
my time and resources were devoted to the "movement."  I resigned in 
December 1990, not because I had changed my mind, but because I was 
simply "burnt out."  I "retired" from politics, and started doing the 
normal things of life - dealing with career, friendships, family, 
health, etc.

I was totally broke and heavily in debt, having contributed a large 
part of my income over the years to the party.  As I worked my way out 
of debt, I realized I had some "personal issues" to deal with.  I 
gradually began to see that these "issues" reflected a spiritual lack - 
a very severe emptiness.  Gradually, and not necessarily according to a 
plan, I began to read the bible, study religious history, and change my 
own lifestyle.

As a communist, I had done some blatantly dishonest things.  For 
example, I participated in communist efforts to infiltrate certain key 
trade unions and certain key industries, lying about my job history and 
creating false resumes so that I could become a machinist or 
steelworker or textile worker or airport worker.

I obtained, and held down, a steady honest job.  And I found that I 
enjoyed working and pursuing a career.  I even had some modest success.

      *     *     *

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, I realized I had a 
WELL--SEE BELOW] to make as a citizen political activist.  I have a 
particular insight into the true motives of antiwar radicals and 
antigovernment extremists, and I found myself called to do what I could 
to help support the U.S.-led war against terrorism.

      *     *     *
Steve Beren - 2005 Speaking Tour

Steve Beren is always available [IF HE IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE. HIS JOB NOW 
IS AS A HUCKSTER FOR THE RIGHT WING] for radio, TV, and print media 
interviews.  If you would like to interview him for your program or 
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If your organization is planning an event, and would like to book Steve 
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For lectures, panel discussions, and debates, please note that the 
speaker's fee for Steve Beren varies depending on the specifics of the 
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$1,250, not including travel and lodging.  Please note that all fees 
are completely negotiable under certain circumstances or for charitable 

from Brian Shannon

P.S.: I believe that he was one of the few who supported me when I 
opposed the SWP's endorsing Amadeo Richardson (a writer for the nation 
CP newspaper--Weekly People?) for a local office in Greenwich Village.

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