Iraq now was Re: [Marxism] Tough time formilitary recruiters

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Mar 29 09:55:55 MST 2005

Gary wrote in response to Lou's comment:

>Lou's comments are rather sombre.  He sees the Iraqi resistance 
>caught in a noose between the Shai and the counter-revolution from 
>the Kurds.
>The US does seem to have succeeded in finally get a base. If we are 
>to believe reports a large section of the population now collaborate.
>This is direct result of close cooperation between the Ayat Allah 
>Sistani, first with the British and now with the Americans.

How popular is Sistani among the Shiites in Iraq?  His very 
willingness to cooperate with Washington suggests that he doesn't 
have a solid base -- solid enough to prevail over anti-occupation 
guerrillas on its own without US troops -- among the Shiite masses.

Without a political wing that can win the allegiance of oil workers 
and the like, Iraqi guerrillas probably can't win, but they can at 
least continue to pin down the main force of the US military in Iraq, 
proving that Washington is incapable of fighting two regional wars, 
contrary to its long-standing doctrine.  That in itself is a great 
service to humanity.

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