[Marxism] re: Whither Iraqi Resistance? [reformatted]

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Tue Mar 29 21:21:47 MST 2005

As always an excellent posting by Yoshie.

One interesting statistic I came across in reading Paul D'Amato's 
article "The Shape of the Iraqi Resistance" in the latest ISR (print 
only) is from Anthony Cordesman's Center for Strategic
and International Studies report titled "The Developing Iraqi
Insurgency: Status at End-2004."

Here there is a chart compiled by what it describes as an "NGO
coordinating committee" that shows between Sept. 2003 and Oct. 2004 180 
  attacks were aimed at civilians, and 3,227 were aimed at Coalition 
Forces. That excludes Coalition Air Convoy (49), CPA/US Officials Green 
Zone (32), Police (209), and a few other gray areas.

The problem though is that the attacks on civilians killed 1,981 and
wounded 3,467. The attacks on Coalition Forces killed only 451 and 
wounded 1,0002 (in reality higher given Pentagon re-classification of 
many injuries as 'non-combat'). Obviously this is because it's easier to 
kill more civilians per attack and those attacks tend to be suicide 

But the bottom line is that 75%+ attacks were aimed at the occupiers

Now of course in the intervening period I imagine the situation has
changed somewhat. I think the elections and increased sectarian strife 
has changed the dynamic. But we do not know to what extent, or if that 
is going to be a long-term reality. We also do not know what role
is being played by American and Israeli intelligence to foment
sectarianism, but we do know only the most credulous will ignore this 

For instance the D'Amato article also cited this article in the Aussie
paper The Age where a US agent says: "We were basically paying up to 
$10,000 a time to opportunists, criminals, and chancers who passed of 
fiction and supposition about Zarqawi as cast-iron fact, making him out 
as the linchipin of just about every attack." (Adrian Bloomfield, 
October 2, 2004, Doubt Over Zarqawi's Role as Ringleader)

At any rate it is necessary to examine the broader picture as well as
the historical contours of the conflict. Eight US divisions are tied 
down and the entire  skeletal system of the US military machine has been 
fractured in a conflict against  partisans based in only 20% of 
decimated country's population. Imagine what kind of blows could be
struck against imperialism under better conditions in another sphere, or 
the combined impact of  many such blows.

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