[Marxism] Left Hook - Includes Urgent Report on Poisoned Nicaraguan Farmers

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  Latest Release: Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Urgent Press Release: Nemagon Workers Are Dying

Kristin McKay and Ryan Miller

Members of the Miami University Students for Peace and Justice group
traveled to Nicaragua March 11th-20th on a Witness for Peace delegation
to learn about United States foreign policy. While in Managua, the
delegation visited a protest camp of several thousand banana and sugar
cane farmers who have been lethally infected by the chemical Nemagon.
Nemagon is a virulent pesticide used in banana and sugar cane
plantations in Central America, the Caribbean, and the Philippines.
Approximately 5000 protesters, who are living in makeshift tents of
black plastic and sticks across the street from the National Assembly,
say that they will not leave until their government has acted justly by
recognizing the horrible conditions in which they've been left to die,
covering their burgeoning medical costs, and discontinuing the use of
all pesticides that contain Nemagon.

The workers asked the students to take their stories back to the United
States because the United States corporations Dow Chemical, Shell Oil
Co. and Standard Fruit Co. exported and encouraged the use of Nemagon.
The protesters claim that over 2000 people have died due to exposure to
Nemagon. One worker, Juan Alejandro Varela Sanchez, said to the Miami
students who'd gathered on the night of Friday the 18th, "And here we
stand talking to you and it looks like we're normal human beings, but we
are already dead. Nemagon has already killed our way of life, our
energy, and has left us practically lifeless. That's why some of us will
be burying ourselves."

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Extensive Interview On Indian Politics

Snehalf Shinghavi with T. and S. Sarkar

Snehal Shinghavi of UC Berkley recently interviewed Tanika Sarkar and
Sumit Sarkar on a broad range of Indian political issues, including the
rise of the Hindu Right, weaknesses of leftist parties, role in Iraq,
and relations with Pakistan. Until his recent retirement, Sumit Sarkar
was Professor of History at Delhi University, India, where he began
teaching in 1976. His most recent publication is Beyond Nationalist
Frames. Tanika Sarkar is Professor at the Department of Modern History
at Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

Q: What are the features of Hindutva in India and do you think that it
is fair to describe it as a kind of Indian fascism?

TS: It has very strong features of that, but so far as it is still
operating within an electoral, democratic framework, and insofar as
India is a very huge, large country and the Hindutva forces are very
unevenly spread out and there are many countervailing factors, I don't
think that it has all the marked features of fascism.

It doesn't have a very formed, organized left enemy that it contends
against. That's a major difference. I also think that the fascistic
efficiency levels are also missing. Their governance has been unlike the
fascist governments, you know. Their governance is terrible, absolutely
atrocious. So in some ways the potentialities are weak. I think that the
aspirations are very similar.

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Kashmir and Geopolitics

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Recently, the US announced it would be selling F-16 planes to Pakistan
as a part of its five year $3 billion assistance program. The F-16 is
one of the most advanced and powerful planes in the world, and only
4,500 such planes are in commission in the entire world. By agreeing to
sell the planes to Pakistan, the US risks instigating a new arms race
between India and Pakistan, long time rivals, and further agitating the
conflict over the Kashmir region. The US indicated that it may strike a
similar deal with India soon.

*History of the Conflict over Kashmir*

Kashmir is one of the most strategically important areas in the world.
The region boarders two major powers, China and India, the first and
second fastest growing economies of the world respectively, as well as
two Islamic countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan, one of which is
directly occupied by US military and run by an American puppet, the
other of which is one of the US' greatest allies in the war on terrorism
who is a major recipient of American military aid.

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Iraq Commission Issues Report on Massive Iraq Intelligence Failure: Role
of White House in Manipulating Intelligence Unexamined

By Ralph Nader and Kevin Zeese

A commission appointed by President Bush to analyze intelligence
failures will be releasing its report tomorrow, Thursday, March 31.
According to The New York Times the report "includes a searing critique
of how the C.I.A. and other agencies never properly assessed Saddam
Hussein's political maneuverings or the possibility that he no longer
had weapon stockpiles." But despite its criticism the report really
served to protect the Bush administration.

The Commission, led by Laurence H. Silberman, a senior judge on the
United States Court of Appeals, and former Governor and Senator Charles
S. Robb of Virginia has operated in secrecy. All the sessions have been
closed to the public and media.

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