[Marxism] Re: Venezuela coalition in To. [Toronto]

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at resist.ca
Wed Mar 30 00:06:30 MST 2005

Responding to both Ernie and Fred I reply to this Fred quote:

> Right now, Canadian defenders of Venezuela should call on Canada to
> maintain normal relations with, continue and expand, and otherwise
> advance diplomatic and economic  ties with Venezuela and reject the US
> policy.  To me, this is a matter of the defense of the basic interests
> of workers, farmers, and oppressed people in Canada. And of course those
> who push the social-imperialist perspective of "defense of Canadian
> sovereignty" should be welcome to support these demands as well.
> Fred Feldman

This makes sense-- this is not at all what I was replying to. The initial 
mail that came out said Canada should not be condemned for complicity in 
attacks on Venezuela not because where Canada (the state) stands is yet 
unlear, but because *Canada too is struggling for sovereignty from the 
threat of the Unuted States*!!!

This I will oppose to any end, at any time, just as one must oppose the 
nationalist of Portugal because Spanish Imperialism is stronger. This line-- 
not a line which seeks to hold the inter-squabbles of imperialist states to 
the advantage of countries like Venezuela (who wouldn't want to do that??), 
but a line that wants to put Venezuela and Canada on an equal footing as 
victims of imperialism-- is just disgusting. Whoever said that lives in 
Canada. Unless they live near a reservation of the nations left yet to 
annihilate in the creative process of this "Home and Native land", if they 
look out the window they do not see miles of barrios. They are not watching 
their basic wealth get carted off to the US, while in return they get 
50cents an hour. Thet are in the settler state with the UN regarded highest 
living standard in the world, fleeced from the resources of the colonies 
within and stolen from the third world without. If they don't get that basic 
relation and are worried that chains like Tim Hortons are being 
"Americanized" they should get real and quit calling themselves anything to 
do with "progressive".

Canada as victim. Get a life, people!
oh yeah,
Have a great day!

Macdonald Stainsby
In the contradiction lies the hope
	--Bertholt Brecht.

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