[Marxism] Re: Barry Sheppard's political memoir of the US SWP,1960-88

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Wed Mar 30 00:17:01 MST 2005

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From: "Shane Mage" <shmage at pipeline.com>

> he had gone
> over to the "bureaucratic collectivist" stance, even though there
> was a strong tendency in the Workers' Party (CLR James and
> Raya Dunayevskaya) that characterized the Sralinized USSR as
> "state capitalist."  Schachtman never accepted that position
> in any degree.

I stand corrected on this question. I confused this tendency in the WP with 
Schatman as a person.

Now, be never ever had anything to do with trotskyites (except Mandelists), 
give me points for actually knowing the difference between BCs and State 
Caps and not bunching them altogether as "pseudo-revolutionary" or 

By the way, I think that ironically, the BC theories actually apply more to 
capitalism as we know it (re: Marcuse) that what they ever did in the USSR. 
The events of the last 15 years would seem to comfirm this hypotheses.


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