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I knew Steve Beren politically in the early 1970's when he identified himself as Gay. I had no personal relationships with him - but he seemed friendly but never really committed to Gay activism.  He never felt comfortable about being bisexual or Gay - was my take on him.  This was true for others I met in the SWP during that time.

He stayed in the SWP after 1973, when that party's leadership reinforced their horrible homophobic stances and declared that Gays and Lesbians were of "less political weight" position - which was done in my and many other GLBT'ers views, to move the SWP away from being involved in that movement. 

Steve Beren not embracing his homosexuality and running to be "accepted" by the Religious Fundamentalists - says a lot about this person.  He looks for acceptance from those "in power" - because he feels he is lacking.  His recent activities reflect this - wanting to shine on a stage and be the center of focus - just as he stayed in the SWP after 1973.

He is another sad example of a closeted man trying to deny himself and this can only end in his either eventually rediscovering himself as a Gay man - or spend the rest of his life in denial and pain. The latter course seems his intention!!!

In either case, I will have nothing to do with such a slimy political person who was in the SWP and now supports the Bush Empire!
He knows better - and does not come from an unaware position, as most American Workers -  and because of this - there can be no excuses for his present political activities.

John O'Brien

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  A lurker who was in NYC back then reminded me of something pertinent about 
  Beren. He was heavily involved with a grouping in the SWP that was pushing 
  the party to get involved in the gay liberation movement and was presumably 
  gay himself. This grouping got smashed to smithereens by the party 
  leadership in what was probably the first manifestation of the workerism 
  that did the SWP in. We were told that the gay movement was basically 
  petty-bourgeois and that it didn't address fundamental class questions such 
  as the black and woman's liberation movement did. I strongly suspect that 
  Beren was drawn to Christian fundamentalism not just as an act of political 
  and religious self-repudiation, but sexual as well.



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