[Marxism] Kyrgyzstan 'Regime Change' Masterminded By West

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>Kyrgyzstan Regime Change Masterminded by West —

David O. Quarter crossposts items here from Rick Rozoff's ANTI-NATO mailing 
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These items are all cut from the same cloth. Western Imperialism is 
stalking the planet. Wherever there is evidence that Evil Imperialism is 
supporting X, the left should support anti-X. I don't think this is a very 
dialectical approach. In fact, there is little that I have seen from people 
like Rick Rozoff that betrays the slightest familiarity with Marxism as a 
critical tool. At the very least, you would expect such people to at least 
acknowledge counter-indicative information.

BBC Monitoring International Reports
October 19, 2004


Bishkek, 19 October: "Our cooperation with NATO is directed both at 
ensuring security in the region and in the country and at development," 
Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev said following talks with NATO 
Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer.

He said that this year would mark 10 years since the agreement on 
Kyrgyzstan joining the NATO Partnership for Peace programme had been 
signed. "Our cooperation with NATO within the framework of this programme 
was large-scale, and it covered many spheres, above all, of course, 
training our troops," Akayev said. He said all the measures of military 
cooperation under the programme had made it possible to raise the level of 
the country's armed forces and strengthen them.

Akayev noted that there was also another aspect of cooperation which 
concerned NATO's support for the country's economy and education. Great 
assistance had also been provided to clear up the aftermath of natural 
disasters. The president said that Kyrgyzstan had succeeded in implementing 
a number of projects within the NATO Science Programme, specifically "The 
Virtual Silk Road" (project) which had enabled the Kyrgyz side to get free 
access to NATO and European Union resources.

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