[Marxism] Argentina and Brazil: Regaining Sovereignty

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 30 15:29:59 MST 2005

>"Argentina and Brazil: Regaining Sovereignty": 

 From the above:

 >>Good news for Argentina. Judge Thomas Griesa sided with Argentina, 
lifting "a freeze on $7 billion in bonds" challenged by NML Capital Ltd. 
(Erin McClam/Associated Press, "Judge Sides with Argentina in Debt Case," 
BusinessWeek 29 Mar. 2005).<<

Now, there's a blast from the past. Griesa was the judge in the SWP suit 
against the FBI in the 1970s. The party sought an injunction against FBI 
Cointelpro type interference and $36 million in damages. It won the 
injunction but Griesa reduced the cash indemnity to $246,000.

One of the high points of the trial, which took place in the Federal Courts 
in downtown NYC, was Stephen Cohen's testimony. Cohen was an SWP expert 
witness who was there to make the case that the Russian Revolution did not 
involve illegal activities or violence. Griesa was obviously swayed by 
Cohen's testimony.

Louis Proyect
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