[Marxism] Kyrgyzstan 'Regime Change' Masterminded By West

davidquarter at sympatico.ca davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 30 23:27:06 MST 2005

On 30 Mar 2005 at 12:22, Louis Proyect wrote:

> >Rick Rozoff wrote:
> >
> >http://www.mosnews.com/news/2005/03/30/behindkyrgyzstan.shtml
> >
> >Mosnews (Russia)
> >March 30, 2005
> >
> >Kyrgyzstan Regime Change Masterminded by West —
> >Newspaper
> David O. Quarter crossposts items here from Rick Rozoff's ANTI-NATO mailing 
> list at:
> http://lists.topica.com/lists/ANTINATO/read
> These items are all cut from the same cloth. Western Imperialism is 
> stalking the planet. Wherever there is evidence that Evil Imperialism is 
> supporting X, the left should support anti-X. I don't think this is a very 
> dialectical approach. In fact, there is little that I have seen from people 
> like Rick Rozoff that betrays the slightest familiarity with Marxism as a 
> critical tool. At the very least, you would expect such people to at least 
> acknowledge counter-indicative information.
> BBC Monitoring International Reports
> October 19, 2004
> Bishkek, 19 October: "Our cooperation with NATO is directed both at 
> ensuring security in the region and in the country and at development," 
> Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev said following talks with NATO 
> Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer.


there is novel idea that says, you can support a state militarily in the face of attack 
without necessarily agreeing with its politics..if I were to follow your rationale I would 
have abondoned China, Cuba and perhaps even Chavez's Venezuela ages ago...

You can always get our your pons pons out and cheer for the "peace" from the 
sidelines, no one;s stopping you..You can also pretend (quite disingenuously) that 
what's clearly taking place as far as the U.S. going around overthrowing gov. after 
gov. in eastern europe (although this is happening all the world) and encircling 
Russia is all a figment of someone's imagination and then, as you quite recently did, 
have an about face when the evidence becomes so overwhelmingly and 
aknowledge (albeit dismiss the significance of, as you now do) the consequences 
this holds for the world..It's especially disingenious that you do this now in light of all 
you've been arguing  at Marx mail for the past two years on the  topic of Russia, its 
former satellites and the caucasuses...And then not to outdo your previous chutpatz 
you slam me, again, and, in your usual cowardly manner, Rick -- agan --  (someone 
who isn't even a member of this list) for posting of this U.S. regime change as if to 
say that what's happening in eastern europe has no bearing for the rest of the world, 
and specificlaly the working classes,, the poor, the oppressed?... Obviously a 
unipolar world order at the direction of the U.S. is for you no different to a world 
polarized on the one hand by U.S. and western capital and on the other hand by a 
motly alliance of oppressed nations and states currently under attack by the U.S and 
Western europe.: Russia/China/Indian/Iranian/Cuban/Venezuelan/Bellarussia, 

and I imagine also that a world governed by the Nazis would have made no 
difference for the working class, the poor and the oppressed?..And did you cheer 
the ending of the Cold War, too?


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