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In leftist_trainspotters this article was discussed a long time ago, a 
really long time ago.

Some responses were automatic, ritualistic denouciations of the document as 
an ideologically motivated attack on the left.

This coming from otherwise "scientifically minded" people is hilarious. 
While science is indeed ideological, this article is not motivated, 
implicitly or explicitly, as a critique of the left, but rather of an 
specific mode of organization in the left.

Interestingly, while basing itself on the CWI (DWP is mostly in passing, and 
mostly to teleologize), I does indeed sound like this article is on to 

I am always keen on looking for scientific research on questions, not to 
uphold them as if the were the word of God, but rather as much better 
expressions of what might be revealed by other means.

I am saddened that such serious work has not been do by marxists social 
scientists to explore the questions upon why our organizations tend to 
deform into cults, and more importantly, how to reverse and transform that 


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