[Marxism] Lund, Sheppard and Miah call on workers to leave AFL-CIO

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Thu Mar 31 09:33:30 MST 2005

I'd like to hear more from Mark about how the SWP's sectoralism might have influenced Lund et al. in this case. Intriguing suggestion.

As for his mention of Cannon's opposition to dual unionism -- which is correct -- Cannon was also a critic of Foster's "AFL fetishism," believing it overlooked situations when an independent union was the only viable option, even if only as a temporary measure.

On balance he certainly would not have supported the broad-brush independent approach Lund et al. are supposedly advocating. I say supposedly because we need to see the Links article; if they're really saying what OzLeft claims this is very significant, given not only its idiocy but the fact that it comes from people prominent in a socialist group which devotes so much attention to reforming existing unions.

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